Yurt Asia

Yurt Asia

Quality yurts @ discount prices
Luxury yurts @ affordable prices

Our Agents Worldwide


currently our only agent are Daka & Radigan. They are located on the USA and sell our yurts through the whole US and Canada.

If you live in the United States, you can contact them directly

– by visiting their website @

– by mailing them to

– or by calling them on their mobile / WhatsApp :

+ Radigan: +1-218-979-4443

+ Daka: +976-99844844

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Yurt Asia

Become Our Agent

We are looking for local agents in all European countries. In large countries, we may be looking for two or three agents.

As an agent, you will sell our yurts, take orders, accept the containers at the destinations, do the paperwork to import the containers, pay the VAT and local handling costs, deliver our yurts to the clients, and help them set up their yurts.

You will have special retailer’s prices so that you can sell our yurts at the same price as we sell them on our website.

You will buy one demonstration yurt at the price specified on our website.

You will sell at least one container a year to keep your position as an agent in the country you sell yurts.

If our website is not yet translated into the language of your country, we would be very glad if you help us translate it.

All messages send to our website in your language will be redirected to you. All demands we get for yurts from people located in your marketing area will be forwarded to you.

Yurt asia white logo

Yurt Asia

Meet the team

We are a motivated team that has been building yurts for many years. Our yurts are produced under the framework of a cooperative that is based on the ideology of “fair income for all.” With a motivated workforce, we can accomplish excellent-quality yurt production.



Midjid is a school of arts graduate with a major in wood sculpture. Passionate about wood and what can be produced from this noble material, Midjid began producing sculptured yurts. He supervises our yurt production.


After completing a master’s degree in engineering, Bernard landed in Mongolia in 1995. Since 2001, he has been redesigning yurts to adapt them to different climates.



Ganaa was born in Murun, Khuvsgul Province. She started her career as an accountant right after completing her university in 2013. Now she has been working for both in tourism and trade sectors successfully.

Daka mongolia


Daniel is keen on history, sport and travel. Based in eastern Poland.



Daka was born and grew up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. For many years, she has worked in tourism, real estate, export, consulting, and support for foreign businesses in Mongolia, and studied Mongolian cultural studies at the Mongolian National University.



After receiving a degree in anthropology and studying in Russia, Rad first lived and worked in Mongolia in 1999 and later spent several years living and conducting business in Ulaanbaatar.

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