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Prices of our "quality yurts @ discount prices"

“Our quality yurts @ discount prices” as other yurts sold through the world, except that they are of better quality. Those are classic Mongolian yurts as we can find them in Mongolia. The wood structure is painted. There is a wide range of paint colors you can chose from. The crown is open (not closed by Plexiglas). With those yurts there are no option of windows in the door or large window panels. Those yurts come with a single classical Mongolian felt. A second layer can be ordered of needed. Those yurts are supplied with one inside linen and one tick outside cover. Buying such a yurt is buying a real classical Mongolian yurt. The quality of our Quality Yurts @ Affordable Prices is however better than the actual export market.

Important remarks

The yurt price does include :

  • The prices here above does only include the price of the yurt, delivered in Mongolia.
  • Extra on this price needs to be added the transport costs from Mongolia to your place, import duties, local handling costs and VAT on the total amount.

The yurt price does not include :

  • The yurt floor. It can however be ordered at extra cost.
  • The transport costs from Mongolia to the final destination of the yurt. It can be organised at extra cost.
  • VAT, import duties and local handling costs.

Other services we provide :

  • We can produce and deliver yurt floors.
  • We organize the transport from Mongolia to the arrival port close to your home.
  • We load and unload the yurts from the container / truck and pay for the local handling costs.
  • We do the paperwork to get the yurts through the customs and pay for the import duties and the VAT.
  • We help you organize the transport from the arrival point to the final destination of your yurt.
  • We help you set up your yurt.

All those services are at extra costs.

Other costs



4 m: 350 €
5 m: 450 €
6 m: 500 €
7 m: 650 €
8 m: 750 €
9 m: 850 €
10 m: 1000 €



4 m: xxx €
5 m: xxx €
6 m: xxx €
7 m: xxx €
8 m: xxx €
9 m: xxx €
10 m: xxx €

Yurt asia white logo

Yurt Asia

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